Built to Resist

There’s been a vague sort-of (when I say vague, I’m wrong) epidemic of Eastpaks filtering their way into my school, squeezing out the other school bags in a calculated “I’m practical and beautiful” way. Now, I don’t own an Eastpak, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. Or their ad campaigns.

Imprimer Double Page bags-clothes-astronaut-small-22472 bags-polar-bears-small-61391 eastpak eastpak-backpack-cemetery-small-42738 eastpak-skelett

OK so I’m in love. Behind my love of fashion is fundamental love of photography, and behind that, art. If it’s creative, artistic and ingenious, I’m there. Ahh! I’m one for controversial advertising, for saying things upfront and for honesty. I can’t express more how much I love this. “Built to resist” is Eastpak’s campaign, and these photos just say it all. My personal favourites are the “Fight for your Roots” monkeys, the desert skeleton, the polar bears and the “Who Killed Bambi” lady with a suspicious knife and a pair of limbs protruding into her picture.

wyoming poppy field £55 padded_pak_r_ek620_01d_prime_of_life eastpak-padded-pak-r-florid-checks

These kitsch little numbers are so cutsie! I love the graphic prints and summer vibes.

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Food, glorious food. I’m always one for food and prints, so a food print on a fashion backpack is sorta…my life complete.

122334 eastpak_padded_pak_r_ex620_386_vlr_worker

Graphic prints make me go ballistic. Sooo these are beautiful. I love comics and the “BANG BOOM CRASH” of this backpack hits you hard like a superhero’s punch. And, OK, this (the second) is my favourite one. A bit like the OBEY t-shirts (mens, these ones have graphic prints on just like these, not just OBEY) it’s controversial and eye-catching. I might just get it to see the response I get walking into the history classroom.

Lots of love,

Celine xxx